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Language Development : Sentence Building

Speech Language Therapy - sentence building practice and coaching workshop.

Workshop Overview

As parents we eagerly and attentively follow the language development of our little ones. Is baby cooing? Is my 9 month old babbling enough? Is my toddler making basic sentences? It is an extremely integral part of their development. After all, how their language evolves in these early years can be one of the most important precursors for how their overall communication, reading and comprehension skills will develop. This extends to how they may perform in school and beyond.

This workshop will assist parents and caregivers in determining if there is a potential language delay and learn about certain risk factors for language delays or disorders. Learners will be provided tools and methods of remediation that target the essential and fundamental skill of sentence building.

Early language development in babies and young children.
Learning how to recognize when there are speech language delays.

There are certainly red flags to watch out for, however it is equally important to keep in mind that in these early developmental years the range of what is considered “typically developing” can be wide and changes can occur rapidly. For example, the 12 month old who isn’t saying any words may have a vocabulary explosion at 18 months and be chatting away at 24 months. Nonetheless, catching issues early is paramount, so if you suspect a language delay or disorder it is always best to get professional help. Claire will help you identify when there may be a need for a formal speech therapy assessment.

Through video-based instruction Claire will step you through some of the techniques she uses as a speech therapist with her own patients.  Included are video and audio examples, downloadable and printable resources and other materials that will permit you to employ the same language techniques at home.


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Our workshops have parents and caregivers in mind. Their primary objective is to enable them by providing guided support so they can assist their loved ones to augment current speech therapy or while they are waiting for speech therapy services.  Additionally, the course materials, resources and instruction are equally adapted for teachers to provide additional assistance to their students.