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Unleash your child’s understanding of math

Our workshop “Make math count!” will guide you in effective ways to support your child or loved one in building mathematical concepts that lead to the essential skills of logical reasoning and analytical thinking. Designed for young learners or those with learning disabilities such as dyscalculia. Taught by a licensed speech therapist, join Claire as she makes learning mathematical concepts fun, engaging and relevant.

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Benefits of our speech training workshops for you and your loved one

Complement speech therapy with breakthrough online instruction and support.

LogoVoxity - Speech Language Center - learning support workshops helping young children and children with dyscalculia build math skills

Video-based instruction

Video-based learning creates dynamic and engaging instruction. In our workshops and webinars, you'll learn directly from a qualified and experienced speech therapist who will demonstrate how to use speech-language resources, materials, and tools and clearly explain the science behind it all.

Downloadable resources

Workshops contains relevant original materials and resource packs designed by qualified and experienced professionals. During the video-based lessons, you will see the hands-on application of how to put these materials and techniques to use with your loved ones.

Expertise on your side

Learn from Claire, an SLP with more than 30 years of experience in the evaluation and treatment of a wide range of oral and written speech-language delays and disorders. She works in both English and French.

Fostering community

You are never alone in your speech therapy journey with LogoVoxity. We believe a sense of community is essential to therapeutic success. We're here to answer questions or concerns that you may have and support you each step of the way.


bilingualism children with speech language impairment
Should my bilingual daughter drop a language?

Whether or not to stop speaking a home language and focus on the academic language is never an easy decision and one that needs careful deliberation. We need to consider not only the linguistic effects dropping a language would have for a child but also the social, cultural and inter-relational aspects as well.

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Tags: bilingualism, children, speech language impairment,
articulation specific sound disorder
Q. Should I worry about a mispronounced “R”?

The first question to consider is if the inability to say the sound is bothersome for your child. If it doesn’t seem to be an issue for them and they are generally intelligible then it might cause more heartache trying to remedy something that the child doesn’t see as a problem. Additionally, if they don’t see the point of correcting the sound, they are unlikely to be motivated to make the necessary therapeutic investment in the practice and work it takes.

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Tags: articulation, specific sound disorder,
Q. How much screen time for baby?

When the experts and research tell us screens are having a negative impact on our kids, it’s not surprising that we worry. I hear a lot of questions from concerned parents about how much is an appropriate amount of screen time for little ones, under 3 years?

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