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About Claire Coudière

Philosophy and Approach

Utilisation of research-based multi-sensory and individualised approach for learning reading and spelling; implementation of technology as a compensatory means of learning and development of written language in order to reduce cognitive overload.

Collaboration leads to success

An approach that embraces collaboration and respect between speech therapist and the patient’s family, teachers, medical teams and other professionals in order to attain lasting outcomes. For example, the creation of personalised materials (therapeutic games, memory aids, etc.) which can be easily adapted at home or school, permits continued support of therapeutic objectives.

Bilingual: French and English

Educated in both France and the United States, evaluations and therapies are available in French and/or English. I have worked as a speech pathologist in France, the United States and Canada often working with multilingual and multicultural families.

Speech services online

Provider of speech language therapy online or “tele-therapy” in French and English which allows me to provide services to patients and their families around the globe.